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If you want to contact Gert about his work, or hire him for your translations, please send him an e-mail

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De uitvinding van Hugo Cabret
Gebed voor een moordenaar
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Nederlandstalige pagina

Even tijd voor wat anders op Columns, verhalen & vertalen, ideeën, romans.

Gert van Santen is a professional translator and writer. Since 1992 he has translated dozens of novels and hundreds of magazines, as well as technical manuals. When time isn’t tight, Gert likes to write his own material.

In short

  • All translations: novels, magazines, articles, technical papers.
  • Languages: English and German into Dutch. Also from Dutch into English and German.
  • Specialisation: Thrillers, Adventure, SF, Earth Mysteries, Esoterics, Photography, Music, Cooking, Travel.

If you want to contact Gert about his work, or hire him for your translations, please send him an e-mail

New / Work in Progress

  • Just starting (October 2010): “Dark Prophecy” by Anthony E. Zuiker. A LEVEL26 thriller by the maker of CSI. Brrrr, scary….
  • Finished: Dutch translation of the new Robert Ludlum novel – The Bourne Objective, plus Steph Bowe’s “Girl saves Boy”.

  • Just did several magazines on cooking, photography, photoshop. Very nice for a change!
  • De waarheid over God, het heelal en de mens – short story by Gert van Santen; go here
  • Ik, Claudius by Robert Graves: new Dutch translation

Recent Projects (selection)

  • koken & genieten: very tasty magazine on cooking and food
  • The Cleaner by Brett Battles: an international spy thriller
  • Inferno by Sophia McDougall: the Roman Empire – now!
  • De uitvinding van Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
  • Gebed voor een moordenaar by Robert Ferrigno


Gert has been interested in language since he learned to read. It all began with Donald Duck, but it didn’t take Gert long to start adding more serious stuff to his little library, like boys’ books, war stories, science fiction and the Bible.

Not being particularly fond of the material his teachers were feeding him during his high school years, Gert started taking an interest in doing his own writing. None of his earliest efforts have been preserved, though, which is probably for the best…


Gert’s first jobs as a translator date back to the 1980s. Colleagues, friends and employers, who knew Gert’s love for language, started approaching him on a regular basis for articles, manuals and other texts that had to be written in, or translated into Dutch, English as well as German. Over the years, Gert has worked, amongst others, for publishers like Meulenhoff, de Boekerij, Deagostini, Mynx and fnl.

Examples of Gert’s work are: nearly the complete Dutch Star Wars series, including the novels for the movies The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith; lots of other SF novels, thrillers, short stories, plus a biography of Apple hero Steve Jobs, as well as a book about the making of the movie The Lord of the Rings, called The Lord of the Rings, de verfilming van een meesterwerk.

Gert also translated hundreds of issues of magazines like Star Wars Fact File, Real Robots and Mind Body Spirit. At the moment he is working on thrillers. A recent example is Robert Ferrigno’s Prayers for the Assassin. Gert has also just finished an exciting children’s book, called The Invention of Hugo Cabret, written by Brian Selznick. Interesting news is that the film rights for this novel have recently been bought by film director Martin Scorcese.

Gert also translates articles for photography and computer magazines, like c’t and CHIP FOTO-VIDEO digitaal.

Special projects are, for example, instrument manuals for synthesizer manufacturers, like Roland or Access, articles for Wageningen University, and countless technical texts.


Gert’s love for dark secrets and mysterious powers brought him the inspiration he needed for writing lyrics for his eighties New Wave band Modern Management. Song titles like Maze, Men in Black (yes, even then!) or Tomb seem rather revealing now.

If you are interested in those old tracks (composed during 1980-1987), you are in luck. Remastered mp3-albums will be made available from this website in the near future. For news on this subject, please check the photo report on the RAM bands page, or go straight to the official website of Modern Management and The Secret Love Life of Harry the Shark.


During the 1990´s, time miraculously wasn´t so tight for Gert. This enabled him to write a novel with a surrealistic slant: De Chemische Tuin. Although at least one publisher was enthusiastic about the story, some changes were suggested. At the moment Gert is rewriting parts of the story.

De Chemische Tuin will be released in 2009, either by one of the Dutch publishing houses, or by (see below). Selected parts will be available for free on this website.
The novel will be available in Dutch only, so if you want to be able to read it, start learning the language now, or be prepared to wait…

For the near future, a book with short stories is planned, as well as a series of adventurous SF novels about the Wave World universe. Together with Wave World colleague Rolf van Slooten, Gert is also working on the first Wave World comic, called Pbalris’ Quest.

Also check the armchair philosopher’s blog with Gert’s thoughts on life.

The Dutch Page:

Being a translator and writer from the Netherlands, I’m getting my hands on a lot of Dutch texts. Obviously, most of the material I am producing, is in Dutch. Therefore it seems only reasonable that this website contains a Dutch page as well.

So here it is: The Dutch Page, playfully called ‘’ (say en-el-punt-en-el in Dutch).

Expect to find columns, poetry, prose, as well as comments on interesting articles, magazines or books I’m working on. I might even post the odd preliminary sample of certain new translations.
One thing you will be seeing here for sure, is material from my own stories and novels.

Basically, will be a mish-mash of anything that occupies me and is bubbling up from my mind.

Have fun.