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If you want to contact Gert about his work, or hire him for a photo shoot, please send him an e-mail

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Order prints and unique art from this website. E-mail Gert for info.

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Rijnsteeg 1978-2006
Rijnsteegbands 1980-1990

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Gert van Santen is a freelance photographer and Photoshop artist. He has been shooting pictures since his 14th birthday.

In short

  • Style: All photography, from portraits to architecture, product photography and company shoots.
  • Specialisation: manipulating reality.
  • Gert uses professional Canon camera’s (5D and 5D MKII), and he owns a wide array of professional lenses from wide to tele.

If you want to contact Gert about his work, or hire him for a photo shoot, please send him an e-mail

New Project

  • Website PimpYourWall. This cool new website will start selling wall-art for every wall in the world, from October 1, 2009!

Recent Project

  • Wedding in beautiful Switzerland

Recent Project

  • Website photography for guitar amp builder Marble Amps

Examples of other Projects

  • Company Shoot
  • Concert Photography
  • Wedding


Somewhere in the 1970s, when a professional photographer visited his family to shoot pictures of him and his sister, he fell in love with the concept of reducing reality to frozen movement.

Gert immediately decided to spend all the money of his first holiday job on a Praktica Super TL. He has always worked with single-lens reflex camera’s since. Today he is using mainly professional Canon DSLRs, like the 5D.

Digital Technology

Gert’s speciality is manipulating reality by changing and intensifying the available light in any given situation. Working with cutting edge equipment, he combines the right time, stance and location with postproduction on the computer.

Since the dawning of digital cameras, Gert has worked with this spectacular new technology. He owns several professional Canon DSLRs (5D, 10D, 400D) and can boast enough lenses and experience to cover anything from weddings and parties to nature, company shoots, art, people, as well as spectacular art.

Restoration and Editing

Photoshop edits and restoration are also a part of Gert’s work. Take a look at the gallery to explore the possibilities.

Please note that some of the pictures in this gallery are borrowed from the Retouching Forum at This stimulating and instructive forum discusses retouching techniques and tools.

Portfolio & Stock Photography

Examples of Gert’s professional photography work can be found in his portfolio on this website.

Also check Gert’s stock photo’s on the Dutch stock photo site De Nationale Beeldbank

You will find shots in many different styles, from expressive black & white to vibrantly colourful and just plain weird.

Ethereal Art

Gert uses Adobe’s Photoshop to create colourful art that is perfectly suitable for walls, postcards, magazines, etcetera.

If you want to decorate your office, living room or any other space with unique ethereal art, please send Gert an e-mail for more information about possibilities and pricing.

The unique pieces are made to your own specific wishes. You decide on size, material and colours, and you can be sure that no-one else will have the same work of art.

Take a look at some examples in this gallery

On-line Photo Exhibitions

Some pages of this website are set up as showcases for thematic photo exhibitions. At the moment there are two exhibitions on line.

1. Rijnsteeg 1978-2006

Rijnsteeg 1978-2006; Rise and Fall of an Apartment Building is a photographic history of the Rijnsteeg, a student apartment complex which was demolished in 2006. The photo report looks back on a place that, over a period of some 29 years, thousands of young people have called home.

The Rijnsteeg was a student apartment complex in Wageningen, the Netherlands. It was delivered in 1978 and demolished in 2007. Having lived there himself, Gert was able to collect a series of pictures that might stir up some happy memories. In the spring of 2006, Gert had the opportunity to visit the then already deserted Rijnsteeg one last time (thanks to janitor Hennie Hommersom) and complete the series.

View the photo report online or download Whoopz Magazine (5MB pdf), which also includes a complete copy of the report. Whoopz Magazine is an e-zine in pdf format, published by Gert van Santen. It is a convenient format to release images and text, like this photo-report of the Rijnsteeg.

2. Rijnsteeg Bands 1980-1990

The second exhibition is about Rijnsteeg bands in the eighties. It is called RAM bands 1980-1990.

Picture Books

During exhibitions, limited edition picture books, signed by the photographer, can be ordered. Please keep checking this website for new exhibitions.

If you would like to order a picture book, or comment on a photo report, please e-mail Gert.

Fun Galleries

Apart from the professional portfolios and the on line photo-exhibitions, there is an ever-growing list of Fun Galleries on this website.

Gert takes the pictures in these galleries mostly for his own pleasure, often with just a compact camera (at the moment a Sony DSC-N1), or the Panasonic Lumix FZ18.

All Fun Galleries are free to visit. You will find subjects like Concerts, Parties, Travelling, Memorable events, etcetera.

Visit the galleries

For more fun check out my Flickr gallery with band, family, concert and holiday pictures.