Gert van Santen

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Download the new portfolio here. (PDF, 7 MB).
You can also check the gallery for a selection of Gert’s work, including some older stuff.


You can order Gert’s work by sending him an e-mail or choosing from a selection on PimpYourWall.


Download Art pricelist A (pdf)
Download Art pricelist B (pdf)


If you want to contact Gert about his work, send him an e-mail

Culturele Ronde Wageningen

Website Culturele Ronde with information on artists and locations.

Gert van Santen has been working with oil colours and Indian ink since his early teens. He finds inspiration for his art primarily in combining everyday life with surrealistic dreamworlds.

The digital age has given Gert the opportunity to manipulate reality a lot further than with old fashioned ink, paint and pens and brushes.

Today Gert creates evocative and colourful abstractions, based on his own digital photographs. His fans go back to his works time and time again, trying to find new doors to hidden worlds…


If you want to order prints or arrange an exhibition, please send Gert an e-mail

More Information

Go here for detailed information on Gert’s artwork, portfolio, pricing and ordering. You will also find more background information on Gert’s work as an artist.

Palm Art Award

I’m in the Presentation Round of the Palm Art Award. Check this link.


I added my portfolio to Kunstinzicht

The New Portfolio is ready for download

A new portfolio is waiting for you in PDF format (7 MB). It includes around 150 works, a major part of Gert’s works, including most new ones, plus some background information on technique, tools and themes. Go here to download the Portfolio.

Art Calendar 2012 / Kunstagenda 2012

I am proud to announce that some of my works will be included in the Kunstagenda 2012. Check here for info on the Kunstagenda.

Pbalris’ Art at Kursten’s Agency

I’m proud to announce that my visual art has now been placed with Marlou Kursten’s Agency.

New exhibitions

It seems the Culturele Ronde has brought me some much appreciated recognition. I have been invited for 2 exhibitions in 2011 and 2012.

The first exhibition will be at Fysioflex in Wageningen (NL) from July-September.

The second exhibition will be at Restaurant Vreemde Streken in Wageningen (NL) in the summer of 2012.

New projects

I’m very excited about a couple of new projects I’m working on. At the moment I’m writing a proposal for a museum exhibition including a sound installation, plus I’m creating 2 new series called “The Butterfly Effect” (triptych) and “The Tower of Babel” (7 pieces). I’m considering doing these series on plexiglass because of the depth of colour and the gorgeous, luxurious effect.

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