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Harry the Shark &
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Gert van Santen is a music composer and producer, as well as a recording & mastering engineer. He has recorded numerous full-length albums, demos, TV-show leaders, music for commercials, production-music, as well as voice-overs. He is also working on ring tones for cell phones.

In short

  • All musical projects, from commercials, leaders and production music to film scores.
  • Mastering.
  • Specialisation: audio restoration, e.g. from old tapes or records.

If you want to contact Gert about his work, or hire him for a specific music job, please send him an e-mail

Work in Progress

Recent Projects

  • Several big voice-over projects for e-learning courses. Example French Course (mp3; 197 Kb)
  • Remix of punkdISCO’s Disco. Listen on punkdISCO’s website
  • The Winds of Laax: CD by Wave World
  • Fundamentals: DVD by Wave World

For more information and buying Wave World products, see further down this page, or visit:


Gert’s musical career goes way back to the 1960’s, when his parents sent him to music school. There he learnt to play the recorder. Very soon, though, this instrument turned out to be far too unadventurous for the little boy. Through the years, Gert changed to piano, acoustic guitar, and, as a college student, to electric guitar and synthesizers.

Today Gert produces all of his music digitally, with the help of computers.

Professional music production

Since 1992 Gert van Santen has been providing professional recording, production, mastering and restoration services.
Gert specialises in music for documentaries, leaders, commercials and special projects. Voice-over recording, mastering and audio restoration also form a part of Gert’s work.


Most of this music can be obtained through VFR.


Mastering has become a very important aspect of music production. So much, even, that sometimes the work of a mastering engineer seems wrapped in a shroud of mystery.

Until the digital age, mastering was mostly seen as a way of making sure the volume and the sound of the songs on an album were more or less the same. This was basically done with EQ, compressor and/or limiter.

Today, mastering is used as an additional modelling tool for music. Apart from the original purpose, mastering can make your music sound much more powerful. The trend to make music as loud as possible is not always a good thing, though, since it can severely compromise the quality and the dynamics of your material. Of course, when used in a sensible way, mastering can make an already good mix into a brilliant end product. But remember: no-one can work miracles on a bad mix.


Mastering 1. This example quite clearly shows the working of the process. De-noising, multi-band compression, EQ and limiting are used to make the sound more powerful, more compact and louder. Note how the snare drum sinks back into the mix, and also how suddenly its reverbtail is much more present. In a real world situation, the processing could perhaps be a bit less extreme.

Mastering 2. This is a rather good example of how the recording wins a lot of “perceived volume”, power and definition by using – again – de-noising, multi-band compression, EQ and limiting.


No downloads at the moment

Voice Overs

Gert also records voice overs in many languages, like Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilean-Portuguese and Portuguese; male as well as female.

He has worked for several companies, and has produced a.o. localisations for software instructions, training courses and voice overs for company profiles


Audio restoration

Audio restoration with the help of cutting edge digital technology can be the only way to make an otherwise lost recording listenable again. Treatment may include noise-reduction, filtering (EQ), compression, limiting, de-clicking, hum-removal, etc.
Please note: at the moment the studio has no possibilities for recovering tape recorder (bandrecorder) tapes; only cassettes.


Hum and Noise removal 1 This is an extremely bad, 40 year old recording. It is, nevertheless, very valuable to the people who made it.
With jobs like these you need to find a compromise between leaving too much hum and noise in, or accepting some audio artefacts.
The first half is the original recording; the second half the (rather heavily) processed version.

Hum and Noise removal 2. This is another example of hum and noise removal from the intro of a pop music track. In the second half the hum and noise are gone, but there are too many audio artefacts.

Noise removal. This recording has been less processed. There is still some noise left, but the result sounds much more natural.

Leader for Dutch TV-series “De Aanklacht”

Together with leading 3D Computer Graphics company Virtual Factory, Gert wrote the leader music for this 8-part television series for Dutch national TV. De Aanklacht is about conflicts between ordinary citizens and authorities. The stories are based upon real events from files of the Dutch Ombudsman.

Watch the leader

Orchestral Arrangements

With the power of today’s computers and using huge sample libraries, realistically simulating an entire orchestra is now possible. This is a perfect solution for creating movie scores without huge budgets – for example for small films, television shows and documentaries. Here are three examples of Gert’s work.

Orchestral samples

Gert van Santen – The Cards (mp3)
Gert van Santen – Tension Building (mp3)
Gert van Santen – Virtual Factory (mp3)

Plugs preferred

One of Gert’s specialities is electronic music. This does not mean, however, that he will shy away from rocking his guitars, tapping his Chapman Stick, or scaring the neighbours with operatic vocals and Tibetan horns.

Wave World: A Multimedia Spectacle

Gert’s biggest musical project to date is Wave World (watch the Wave World Experience!). Wave World is a Dutch-Canadian multimedia act, conceived by Harry Kessels, Gert van Santen and Rolf van Slooten, who share a common passion for music, computer graphics and science fiction. Wave World combines ambient as well as danceable electronic music with stunning 3D computer graphics.

The project has toured Europe and the United States several times, and has released 8 CD’s, a VHS video and recently a DVD called Fundamentals.

For 2007 a DVD called Membrane is planned, as well as a DVD registration of their most recent live show The winds of Laax.
For more information on Wave World, or for buying their products, please visit: You can also find Wave World on MySpace:

You will find a selection of Wave World pictures in the music related galleries on this website. The concert pictures are taken by Stephan Schelle, Onno Groot and Ed in den Bosch.


Wave World – Membrane (mp3)
Wave World – Winds of Laax (mp3)
Wave World – Cloudseeder (mp3)

The music-bar

In recent years, Gert has become a very active member of international on-line community ampfea, which, amongst others, hosts the music-bar mailing list. This mailing list is an ideal hangout for all types of musicians and electronic artists. Members are very supportive and show an extensive knowledge on music, gear and computers. If you are interested in regular contact with like-minded artists, subscribe to this mailing list.

Ampfea often organizes special events. Most famous are the music-bar meets, which include jam sessions, excursions, good food and of course plenty of beer and wine.

Some of the biggest and most famous music-bar events were hosted by Martin Naef in Zürich, CH (the first and all famous Zürich ‘Fondue’ Meet), and Matt Picone in Ringoes, NJ, USA (M@stock). Gert has also hosted some meets (pictures).

Audio recordings of some of the jam sessions are available. For starters, listen to Welcome to Mars, a beautiful ambient track, that even got airtime on an American radio station. You will find more music on Martin Naef’s Navisto site under Bar Jam 2003 – Tracks.


In the 1980’s, as a student, Gert played the electric guitar as well as synthesizers and even a little piccolo flute in numerous bands and projects. In the near future, remastered versions of many of these songs will be provided as mp3s on this website.

Just to name a few of Gert’s bands: Modern Management, De Rest, What’s Left, and The Secret Love Life of Harry the Shark. Check out the item RAM bands below or go directly to the RAM bands photo-report.

Today Gert plays in a Dutch pop band called De Hufters. He is also a member of Dutch-Canadian multimedia project Wave World (see the item Wave World below, or check the Wave World website)

RAM-bands 1980-1990

In 1979, Gert bought his first electric guitar, as well as an old Selmer tube amp with two large speakers. The guitar was a plain/natural Custom Les Paul with a badly painted black bridge. Gert is still sorry he sold it (for NLG 200, back in 1981), so if it’s lying unused in your attic and you’re ready to sell it – please contact him!

Living in an apartment building with a lot of other students, there was no lack of musicians, and it didn’t take Gert long to form a band with some friends. The band was called Modern Management. Initially, ‘Moddy’, as some people called it, played covers from The Cure, Dire Straits and the Motels. Soon, though, ‘the Mods’ started doing their own stuff.

Rijnsteeg, the student building where Gert lived, offered several interesting facilities, such as a table tennis room, which was, during daytime hours, perfectly suitable for band practice. In the evening many band members would hang out in the bar, which was a great way to meet and talk shop.
By the way: if you are interested in these student flats, please check out Gert’s photo-report on Rijnsteeg.

Within a couple of years, a multitude of bands and projects had been formed, and a foundation was established: Stichting RAM (Rijnsteeg Amateur Muzikanten). Several concerts were organized, and most of the RAM bands were frequently doing gigs in the local or even national scene.

Although none of the bands made it to fame, most people involved never gave up their love for music. Some even got into professional mixing and PA rental, like Thei Munten (KBL Systems), guitar amp building, like Arie-Jan Folkerts (Marble Amps), digital recording of small music projects, like Hans Willers (Toonzetting), or music production, like Gert van Santen.

RAM bands were, amongst others, Tiznix (Dutch pop), Modern Management (New Wave), De Rest (Dutch pop), What’s Left (fusion), The Secret Love Life of Harry the Shark (Alternative), Red Rudy’s Tuti Fruti’s (Soul and Rhythm&blues), and The Print (rock).
None of the bands involved made it into the second millennium, although many of the musicians still play together. Perry and Gert, for example, are still going strong with the Hufters (Dutch pop).

If you would like to see some pictures or listen to some sound snippets from the old days, please check out Gert’s photo-report on some of the bands and download their music.

For other bands from Wageningen, please check this site

Modern Management & TSLLOHTS - Websites on line now!

Check out the Official Modern Management website or visit Moddy’s MySpace website.

Viermansterk and De Hufters

Check out the Official website of De Hufters and Viermansterk, or visit De Hufters’ MySpace website.


Somewhere along the line, recordings and albums are forgotten.

Or are they…?

Some of them are truely special, like Solipsist Paradise’s Aware, Sandarach’s Tibet Passage or Nooit meer naar huis by Dutch pop band Viermansterk. Also 4th Decade, who did a memorable living room concert in the nineties, is not easily forgotten.

They all have their special home on this page, called Lost.
You will also find some audio-samples there.